City Guidance Füssen

Destination Füssen in the Allgäu. There are a lot of attractions to explore. Join us on a tour to our Historic Sites.

Kloster in Füssen
City Guidance Füssen

You will explore the lovely city of Füssen, over 700 years old, which is the highest city in Bavaria in front of an impressive mountain backdrop (800m - 1,200m). The history goes back to the Romans (Via Claudia Augusta 46 n. BC) and had a high point under Emperor Maximilian I (around 1500). Two buildings are particularly eye-catching: the “High Castle”, former summer residence of the Prince-Bishops of Augsburg, towers high above the city. The bishops had a great influence on the history of the city, just like the Benedictine monks in the former monastery of St. Mang.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Fee: 95 euros / group up to 25 persons

Stadtmuseum Füssen
Guided Tour through the Local Heritage Museum

Founded around AD 840 and renewed around 1700, we visit the impressive baroque rooms.
You will not only learn how the Benedictine monks lived in Füssen, but you will also see many exhibits from the city's history. The library is particularly fascinating, although there are no original books, but is amazing from the room architecture. What does the hole in the floor mean? In the same way, the ballroom invites you to ponder - full of symbolism, which is not immediately apparent to everyone. The history of lute and violin making is shaped very attractive, since Füssen, the cradle of commercial musical instrument making, determined this branch of activity in the late Middle Ages.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Fee: 95 euros
/ group up to 25 persons
(general admission not included)

Guided Tours Schwangau

Village of the Royal Castles. However, Schwangau has so much more to offer. Let yourself be surprised!

St. Coloman Kirche
Bauernhaus in Schwangau mit Kirche im Hintergrund
Über die Dächer von Schwangau
Over 1.400 years of History

Guided Tour
in Schwangau

Schwangau is the village of the royal castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Settlement can be documented here as early as 600 AD. The name may come from the Alemanni who probably named this place "Swanachgowe". Schwangau has retained its village character till today.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Fee: 95 euros / group up to 30 persons

Hiking Tours

Explore the picturesque scenery around the Royal Castles by foot

Discover the fantastic landscape which surrounds the town Füssen and the village Schwangau.

A flat to hilly landscape extends directly in front of the Ammergau Alps, which rise almost vertically. From the half-day tour (1.30 p.m.) to the full-day hike (almost) everything is possible. We can hike in the flat country, or go to the mountain huts with little effort. Crystal clear lakes invite you to swim and dream.

Suggestions for all day excursions

  • to Schluxen (Tirol)
  • the alpine hut Drehütte
  • Bleckenau
  • Saloberalm
  • via the Alpenrosenweg to the royal castles
  • hiking tour in the foot steps of King Ludwig

Winter Hikes

Most of these tours are possible even in winter. Further informations on request.

Duration: per hour commenced
Fee: 50 euros / group up to 20 persons

Individual Guidance

We offer a great variety of individual guided tours

Individual Tour Guide

  • to the Castles
    with the main topic King Ludwig II.
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • Oberammergau

Duration: per hour commenced
Fee: 50 euros / group up to 40 persons

Individual Hikes

Let our experts advise you! We respond to your wishes and you will get a package tailored to your needs.

Duration: per hour commenced
Fee: 50 euros / group up to 20 persons